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Thank you for making FirstBoat YOUR first stop for boating!

Thousands of aspiring and new boaters, old salts, and everyone in-between have made FirstBoat their primary online destination for boating news, tips, resources and travel plans since 1999. Published continuously for over 15 years, (a.k.a. has expanded from a sole website to to Facebook, LinkedInTwitter (follow us @FirstBoat), Instagram, Pinterest and can be accessed on any digital device.

Our editors compile, curate and organize the latest news, information and press releases on the boating industry from around the world and categorize into specific areas of interest or focus.


We do accept sponsorships but typically from a limited number of partners at one time. This allows us to present our content with limited distractions or interruptions.

A luxury yachting destination community


We welcome our newest partner, The Cruiser Club, the yachting destination club for serious boaters who want to enjoy the waters of Florida and the Caribbean all year long. Ownership experience. Zero headaches.


and, because of their high quality, personalized boating gifts and embroidered apparel.

If you want your boat name logo imprinted on shirts, baseball caps, jackets, towels or other gear, BoatNameGear is your best choice. Please visit them at

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